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09 Oct

I tried a new product today, Slick Offroad Wash. I was very impressed! Just as it says “spray on and wash off” When I was finished washing it it actually had a shine to it, even the tires looked great! I even srayed the radiator off and just watched the mud roll off. I was so impressed with it that I believe I will be offering it in my products page on here and on my website under the shop tab very soon!


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01 Oct

I was contacted through facebook by Jose Villegas who is the Business Development Manager for PneumaSeal™. Jose took the time to travel up to TN from GA to meet with me and tell me about their product. Very knowledgeable and pleasant guy to talk with. He explained the history behind PneumaSeal™ and the improvements that have been made. When he left I thought to myself if the product worked half as good as he said it would it would be a great investment. He was so confident he left me with a few bottles, then even shipped me two cases of it! I have to say it has already saved me twice out on the trails and the one time it was even a sidewall slice that it sealed! (sidewalls are not in the gaurantee but it worked!) If you would like to try PneumaSeal™  give us a call or shoot me an email. To learn more go to

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